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This was an event held at the Mokau Community Hall that was organised by the Mokau Museum. It was a day for many to reminisce in one way or another their wedding day! During the first of two shows there was a cutting of a cake by the eldest resident from within the community, Mavis Petersen aged 91. Great grand-daughter Emma wore Mavis’ wedding dress. The wedding dresses were either worn by the Bride or a member of their family.

We have endeavoured to correctly name all the photos and do apologise if there are any errors or omissions. Please let us know and we will correct these.

We hate watermarks on photos as much as the next person, but because this is part of a fundraising event for our upcoming 25th Anniversary we invite people to donate towards this cause and we will email a full size copy of the photo/s requested – without the watermark! Email us on with your request (please include the number that starts with the letter P) and we will send you the bank details (or you may like to come into the museum) to make a donation for your photo/s.

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